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        We’ve got some BIG news

        The Geniox is now available in 8 sizes,
        with airflows to 27,000 CFM.

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        Office IAQ and CO2

        Find comfort that easy-going and fun to work with.

        See this easy-to-use commercial solution

        Corona updates
        – We are by your side

        Our business is ongoing. Hands-on recommendations for clients and partners.

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        IV-50 EC

        New Product Announcement
        Meet the industry’s most powerful compact Centrifugal High Induction Jet Fan.

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        Innovative Solutions for Parking Garage Ventilation

        Demand Control Ventilation. Jet fan systems from Systemair.

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        A+ Performance

        The Changeair Series of classroom air handlers are designed to meet the difficult ventilation needs of classroom environments that require exceptional ventilation and noise control with heating and cooling options.

        Explore the Changeair series >


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