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        Virtual and Augmented Reality apps

        Explore Systemair products and solutions in a highly innovative manner

        At Systemair, we have developed a wide range of Virtual and Augmented Reality applications aimed at serving you in a better and more interactive way yet unseen in our sector. These are available for everyone without registration, for all major platforms, downloadable in a single click or by scanning the QR code below.

        HVAC SOLUTIONS by Systemair

        We are proudly presenting: HVAC SOLUTIONS by Systemair. The Virtual Reality application is available for download for everyone on their Windows computers, iPhone and Android tablets and smartphones. 

        It provides an interactive overview of Systemair’s wide-ranging solutions across multiple application areas such as offices, restaurants, hotels, parking garages, factories and stairways (with more to follow). HVAC SOLUTIONS is available in more and more languages and automatically adjusts to your device’s performance. 




        APP LAUNCHER by Systemair

        The APP LAUNCHER is your central gateway to the Systemair Group’s Virtual Reality world. It contains all available applications for Windows and Android (tablet) devices. The app automatically updates itself once new software or versions are being released.  



          Stay tuned: There’s more to come 

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