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        Systemair Media Center

        All Systemair catalogues and brochures always up to date on your mobile device!

        With the Systemair Media Center you have the Systemair catalogues, brochures and videos always in reach on your smartphone or tablet. Regardless of place and time you thus have access to the latest versions. Depending on your settings new content will be displayed right away in the shelf. The best: once downloaded, the documents are also available offline, without active network connection.

        Whether you are on site, in the office or in a customer meeting - the Media Center provides you valuable service and the realistic page-turning function is as comfortable as looking through the “real” catalogue. Carrying around heavy catalogues is history.

        With the “Share” function you can e-mail selected pages immediately – for examples to your colleagues or customer.

        • Online and offline usage
        • Update function
        • Page-turning effect
        • Share function, for example e-mail single pages or documents
        • Table of contents with direct access
        • Zoom in and out
        • Insert a bookmark or note
        • Search function
        • Link to our online catalogue
        • Country selection

        The Systemair Media Center is available for Windows, iOS and Android.


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