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        SYSVRF selection and designing software

        SYSVRF is a selection and designing software for all SYSVRF systems, 2-pipe, 3-pipe and Mini-VRF.

        Main features:

        • Calculation of the heat loads and selection of the necessary cooling /heating capacity, type and location of outdoor and indoor units.
        • Calculation of the refrigerant piping diameters and the required additional amount of refrigerant.
        • Selection of an optimal set of piping joints.
        • Building Management System.
        • Correction of the performance of indoor units.
        • Automatic check of the circuit for compliance requirements and limits on the maximum length of refrigerant pipelines and indoor-outdoor elevations.
        • Conclusion of project documentation - specification (Excel), a detailed specification with the drawings (Word), and print out of all documents.
        • Selection of the DX-coil connected to the SYSVRF AHU box.

        > Download and install SYSVRF here (110 Mb)

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