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        The ErP-directive and what you should know about it!

        Questions and answers regarding regulations for Fans, Air Handling Units and Air Conditioning products

        With the adoption of the Kyoto protocol, the European Union committed itself to a reduction of at least 20% in CO2 emissions by 2020. In 2009, the ErP Directive (Energy related Products Directive) was signed. It is often simply referred to as the ecodesign directive.

        We come across this in everyday life, for example with the phasing out of traditional light bulbs or the energy efficiency labelling on fridges, washing machines and so on.

        Who is affected by the Directive?

        The Directive is mandatory within the states of the EU. This requirement affects manufacturers of ventilation and air conditioning products. The ErP Regulation covers products which are produced in the European Economic Area aswell as those imported from other countries. Products for export outside the EU are not covered by the regulation.

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