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        SYSLOOP EVO - New water source heat pump.

        Eco-friendly, Performant and Super Silent. SYSLOOP EVO is the perfect solution for shopping centers, hotels or offices where climate conditions can change during the day and when different zones of a building need a specific climate.

        This new water source heat pump operates with the non-flammable and eco-friendly R513A refrigerant (GWP -> 631) and a variable speed compressor that provides low energy consumption, great comfort and excellent acoustic performance!

        Product advantages:

        • R513A refrigerant with very low GWP: 631!
        • Inverter compressor adapting its speed according to the required capacity
        • High EER (4,25) and COP (4,53)
        • NR<26 at low speed + additional acoustic options
        • Low height for easy integration -> only 250 mm
        • Increased robustness -> coaxial heat exchanger
        • Highly customizable : many configurations and options to suit any project specifications
        • Easy access to internal components

        The range at a glance:

        • Unique size available in Cooling only (CO) or Heat Pump (HP) versions
        • Cooling capacities : 1,7 to 2,9 kW
        • Heating capacities : 2,0 to 3,8 kW
        • Airflow : 290 to 525 m3/h
        • Equipped with EC fan
        • 140 Pa maximum external static pressure

        More information:

        Available soon:

        • Precise selection on AC SELECT
        • BIM models on MagiCAD
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