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        Air means life.

        And better air means better life.

        Good indoor air quality is an essential ingredient that makes you focus at work, relax in your home and enjoy those memorable school years…

        This is why we at Systemair constantly strive to develop new solutions and products that offer that fresh, beneficial breath of air in a cost effective, sustainable way.

        Our new generation of Topvex air handling unit is the latest outcome of this ambition – an integrated solution  that is easy to configure for your needs, with easy  installation and fast delivery.

        Because at Systemair, we want you to be able to focus on what’s important for you, relax and enjoy life.

        Introducing the new Topvex with counterflow heat recovery

        Change is in the air. When we created Topvex, we designed it to be easy to work with every step of the way. Systemair Configurator helps ensure you order the best air handling unit for the requirements of your building. Our standardized design with built-in flexibility reduces lead time and ensures fast delivery. The Systemair Access Control System makes it simple to connect, configure and control Topvex units and handle multiple units via a cloud service.

        These are a few things that make Topvex not only right for your building’s airflow but also your workflow.

        Click below to explore all the new features and benefits:

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        Systemair Configurator

        Makes the right choice simple
        Systemair Configurator program makes it easy to design and configure your Topvex unit so that it is optimized for the specific requirements of your building. The software is free, easy to download, and user-friendly, with 3D visualization and downloadable documentation.

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        Systemair Topvex

        Smooth planning and installation
        Topvex with counterflow heat recovery is a new generation of air handing units from Systemair. It is an integrated, intelligent solution where innovation, energy saving, noise reduction and sustainability are key. Standardized design offers built-in flexibility, drastically shortens lead time, and ensures fast delivery. Key design features simplify transport and installation.

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        Systemair Access

        Connect, configure, control
        Systemair Access is a complete control solution that reduces installation and startup time. All connectors for external components are clearly marked and grouped together. The robust, ergonomic control panel is external for easy access and features intuitive menus that help your customer create the perfect indoor climate. Multiple units can be connected to a cloud service for complete overview and accessibility.

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