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        Geniox air handling units are #HygienicByDesign and set new industry standard with Eurovent Hygiene Certification as an additional option.

        In view of modern society’s growing awareness on the importance of indoor air quality (IAQ), Systemair believes that all air handling units (AHUs) should be #HygienicByDesign. We are of the firm opinion that hygienic measures should be a standard offering in all general ventilation units, instead of only being implemented in units developed for critical applications.

        Thus, all Geniox AHUs allow for multiple hygienic options. Next to the VDI 6022-1 certification, Systemair is the first major manufacturer worldwide to offer a Eurovent Certified Performance option for “Hygienic Air Handling Units” (HAHU) as a brand-new feature for all Geniox units! 

        This challenging certification sets a new industry standard for the following reasons: 

        1. Easy to understand: Innovative 1-3-star rating that accounts for different hygienic requirements. 
        2. Proven hygienic performance: Stringent, annual factory and selection software audits 
        3. One standard, less confusion: Eurovent HAHU combines the requirements of multiple hygienic standards (e.g. VDI 6022-1, DIN 1946-4, HTM) in a single programme – bringing an end to the current patchwork of differing national norms. 

        #HygienicByDesign in a nutshell

        Our #HygienicByDesign approach provides peace of mind in the “new normal” and unmatched flexibility when it comes to meeting your specific project demands: 

        • Geniox AHUs offer up to 2 stars in the Eurovent HAHU rating, which is comparable with VDI 6022-1 and similar national requirements. 
        • The entire Geniox range can be configured into a Eurovent HAHU or VDI 6022-1 certified unit in a straight-forward, automated manner using the SystemairCAD selection software. 
        • All Geniox units are hygiene-friendly, meaning they come with a C4 corrosion class and all plastic casing components in the airflow are ISO 846 compliant. 
        • For projects with high hygienic requirements, such as medical cleanrooms, Systemair is #ByYourSide with a wide array of other ranges, including HH Flex, Flexline Next Generation (FL NG), and KA. 

        Eurovent Hygienic, VDI 6022-1 and so much more?

        The Geniox AHUs can address any project requirement, from small air flow ranges to the highest levels of specifications. Units are always hygiene-friendly, come with a C4 corrosion class and can be configured into a Eurovent HAHU or VDI 6022-1 certified unit in a quick, easy and automated manner using SystemairCAD. 

        In addition, the units offer the following:  

        • Easy cleanability is one of the focus points of hygienic AHU certifications. All Geniox modular AHUs were designed like this from the very beginning. Our state-of-the-art AHU design allows operators to clean the unit thoroughly in a more streamlined manner. This can be attributed to the smooth surfaces and concerted efforts to minimise sharp edges and shapes where unhealthy particles can accumulate.  
        • The plastic casing components in the airflow of the Geniox range of products are ISO 846 compliant in accordance with our Eurovent HAHU and VDI 6022-1 certifications. This means that the components prevent fungal growth and do not deteriorate if exposed to bacteria and microorganisms.  
        • The Geniox casing has a C4 corrosion resistance class (ISO 12944) as a standard feature. C4 is a high class that is recommended for industrial areas and coastal areas with moderate salinity, including chemical plants, swimming pools and shipyards. 
        • For Eurovent HAHU, independent factory and software audits are performed annually by Eurovent Certita Certification as an accredited third party. SYNLAB, an accredited third-party laboratory in Germany, has issued the VDI 6022-1 test report and certificate. 

        These are just some of the many features that showcase how Systemair Geniox AHUs are #HygienicByDesign. 

        One range, suiting all your hygienic needs

        Not all projects demand every single hygienic requirement defined by a standard or guideline. You deserve a certain flexibility in your choice.

        Accordingly, our SystemairCAD selection software provides you with an array of different hygienic options, ranging from a hygiene-friendly AHU suiting your particular needs, to the automated configuration of a Eurovent certifed HAHU or a VDI 6022-1 certified unit.

        Mind the difference: Why Eurovent Hygienic is the new industry standard

        Multiple hygienic guidelines and certifications are present in the market today. These are the most common ones and their major differences:

          Eurovent Certified Performance for Hygienic Air Handling Units (ECP HAHU) VDI 6022-1 DIN 1946-4 HTM 03-01 (example of a national requirement in the UK)
        Application areas All application areas are covered through 3 star rating (3rd star = most critical hygienic application areas) Mainly hotels, schools/universities, offices, retail stores, non-critical hospital applications and the like Critical applications in the health sector, such as hospitals, dialysis centres, operating theatres, cleanrooms and the like Health sector buildings
        Market recognition Global, except North America Mainly German-speaking markets and Central Europe Mainly Europe Mainly United Kingdom and some Commonwealth countries
        Unit must have the Eurovent Certification for AHUs as a basic requirement Yes, this constitutes an additional quality criteria No No No
        3rd party selection software audit Yes, annually No No No
        Selection software must propose hygienic option and allows display of hygienic certification if all requirements are met Yes No dedicated software requirements No dedicated software requirements No dedicated software requirements
        Annual 3rd party factory audit Yes No No No
        Combines different standards and guidelines into one Yes, includes requirements defined in VDI 6022-1, DIN 1946-4 and other national standards, such as HTM 03-01 No No No
        Offers different levels to suit different building types and needs Yes, easy to understand 3-star rating reflecting different hygienic demands No Yes, but only aimed at more critical hygienic requirements for surgery rooms (Level 1a and 1b) and hospital areas (Level 2) No

        Know your terms

        It is essential to ask the right questions when selecting a unit, because not every hygienic air handling unit is what it claims to be. We support you by answering frequently asked questions relating to Geniox and hygienic AHU certification, in general.

        General questions

        What does “hygienic” mean?

        To date, hygienic AHUs typically refer to units applied in the healthcare segment, such as cleanrooms and operating theatres in hospitals. Standards and certifications tend to be well established in this area. This includes DIN 1946-4, which Systemair offers through ranges other than Geniox such as HH Flex, Flexline Next Generation (FL NG), and KA. 

        We believe that the term “hygienic” deserves to be reconsidered. The purpose of an air handling unit is to provide a healthy indoor climate. Therefore, all units should be hygienic by design, including those for general ventilation applications such as schools and offices. 

        At a minimum, all materials should be hygiene-friendly and certified hygienic options should be available.

        Which role does a hygienic air handling unit play in tackling COVID19?

        Properly maintained and operated HVAC solutions are key to unlocking healthy indoor air quality, which has gained stronger awareness following the outbreak of COVID19. 

        Air Handling Units play a central role in delivering fresh air to buildings. We therefore believe that everyone should receive the confidence that these units are hygienic, independent from the area of application.

        Follow our dedicated Corona Updates for detailed information on this and other subjects.

        Which hygienic air handling unit certifications exist in Europe?

        The most established one globally is the Eurovent Certified Performance for Hygienic Air Handling Units. It is easy to understand and includes the requirements of a multitude of international and national standards (e.g. VDI 6022-1, DIN 1946-4, HTM/SHTM). 

        The Eurovent approach is generally appreciated, as it creates a common reference for consultants, planners and installers – instead of forcing them to cope with a multitude of different guidelines. 

        Then there are VDI 6022-1, for general ventilation and lower healthcare demand, and DIN 1946-4 codes and standards. In addition, you may find local hygienic guidelines, such as HTM 03-01 in the United Kingdom, PZH Atest Higieniczny in Poland, and SWKI VA 104-01 in Switzerland (which is like VDI). 

        Does Systemair offer DIN 1946-4 certified units? 

        Systemair fulfils all your needs with a wide array of other ranges such as:

        These ranges are certified or compliant with DIN 1946-4 or comparable standards.

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