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        Introducing Geniox Core

        Simplify your choice

        Enjoy the energy efficient performance of a Geniox with a small footprint and fast delivery time.

        Geniox Core is part of the Geniox family which is based on Systemair’s well-known air handling unit technology and more than 40 years’ experience.  Geniox Core is a pre-configured, standard air handling unit with airflows between 750-17,500 m3/h (0.2-4.9 m3/s). It is easy to select, install, commission and maintain.

        The flexibility and small footprint of Geniox Core makes it easy to fit the unit in small spaces. You can freely place components, such as heating coils, dampers and sound attenuators, outside the air handling unit.

        Geniox Core provides you with the same performance and the quality as a Geniox, and a fast delivery time.

        Learn more about Geniox Core

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