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        prio silent? XP

        The first circular duct fan with hybrid silencer.

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        The power of air makes you…

        Introducing the next generation of Topvex
        with counterflow heat recovery.

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        Systemair DESIGN plugin for Revit

        Design the ventilation for the rooms in your project
        without even leaving Revit.
        It's simple, precise and completely free!

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        Hygienic by Design

        Geniox units are #HygienicByDesign?. VDI6022 hygiene certified options for the entire range. Hygiene-friendly as a standard offering.

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        Corona updates
        – We are by your side

        Our business is ongoing. Hands-on recommendations for clients and partners.

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        Online catalogue and product selection tools

        Here you will find all our products. If you need help choosing, you can use any of the product selection programs. Select one of the tabs below.

        Systemair Geniox air handling units

        A sustainable step forward

        Geniox air handling units are Eurovent certified for the leakage class L1(M)...

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        Healthy air in your home

        If your ventilation unit is the heart pumping fresh, healthy air into your home, SAVE Controls is the brain..

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        Under, Norway

        Europe's first underwater restaurant

        A restaurant five and a half meters below the surface, equipped with ventilation by Systemair AS.

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        Good to know

        What is good Indoor Air Quality?

        There are many parameters that affects how we feel about the indoor air quality.

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        We're here to help.

        Good to know

        About important issues and technologies in HVAC.

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        Powerful selection software

        Guides you to find the right product for your needs. 

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        Systemair is delivering to projects across the world.

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