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        Systems without heat recovery

        In modern, energy-efficient houses, airing via the windows is not enough. Who knows when it's time to air the room? Certainly not when the air indoors is already stale. It's much better to rely on extract air systems from Systemair. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, these conveniently transport the desired air volume, either continuously or depending on parameters such as humidity or CO2 levels. The result – considerably less heat lost compared with conventional ventilation via the windows. And a constant supply of fresh air.


        A fan removes stale, moist, impure air from the extract air rooms (such as the kitchen, bathroom and WC) via a network of ducts. The air is then guided outside via the roof or an external wall. Depending on the flow rate and application, the extract air fans can be installed in the building or on the roof. Outdoor air flows in through special openings (valves with filters in the external walls) into the living room and sleeping quarters, ensuring the whole dwelling has continuous ventilation. What's more, thanks to the adjustability of the system, the ventilation heat losses are reduced when compared with conventional ventilation via the windows.

        A perfect exchange and a perfect indoor climate – the most important advantages of units without heat recovery

        • Low-noise ventilation
        • Targeted airflows in the apartment
        • Air filtering thanks to filters in the supply air fixtures
        • Lower energy consumption thanks to EC fans
        • Simple installation and low maintenance costs

        Solutions with extract air fans for:

        Apartment blocks

        Single family houses

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