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        SAVE Touch Control

        SAVE units are controlled by means of a modern touch display mounted on the ventilation unit. And of course, you can fit it to the wall in your hallway. The display is every bit as attractive, effective and easy to use as your smartphone.

        More convenience, less energy consumption

        The homepage of the display shows information such as the air flow, temperature, air quality and active functions. You can schedule preferred settings such as Away mode –  for when nobody is at home – with just a couple of presses.  If you feel the air needs refreshing quickly when you arrive home, simply press Refresh.

        Air to get the party going

        Your touch display and the app allow you to easily access a number of preset functions such as forced airflow (Crowded) when you have guests round.
        Another smart function is Fireplace, which creates tempo- rary overpressure when you want to light a fire. This makes it easier to get the fire going, and you will not end up with a smoky room either. There is also a function for people with central vacuum cleaner systems.

        The intelligent system also measures moisture, CO2 and odours and issues direct alerts if anything needs to be rectified. In other words, an efficient ventilation unit using the control is a really smart  investment.

        SAVE control mobile app - Home solutions by Systemair

        Users can change the ventilation system operating mode remotely via an app, or use the app just to check if the temperature, humidity, CO2 content etc. are all OK. Faults can be spotted straight away, and the customer can be given direct access to the control system so that the service department can remedy the fault without delay.

        It is also possible to install software updates directly via the cloud. This means you can easily access new functions and gadgets to keep your system up to date at all times. There are various options for connecting to the cloud or the BMS: Modbus, the cable network or Wi-Fi.

        Advantages with SAVE control for the installer

        • Remote access, support and commissioning via Cloud (app) 
        • Plug and play and easy installation with startup wizard and color touch display
        • Connection box with easy installation of external equipment like fire dampers, shutters, sensors etc.
        • Self-explanatory alarm function with built in help section 

        Advantages with SAVE control for the end user

        • Optimize room air quality through intelligent controls
        • Reduced energy consumption with eco-mode
        • Predefined user modes for optimum operating point
        • Interface using a modern touch display in color
        • Connection to unit over internet (accessory required)
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