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        Home solutions

        A high-performance, technologically mature ventilation unit is the core of every advanced residential ventilation system. But function, sustainability and therefore continued user satisfaction are always a product of the overall system.

        It is the optimum interaction of the ventilation unit, the right accessories (e.g. intelligent control), the duct system and the diffuser components which, at the end of the day, achieves the decisive advantage in efficiency and performance. At Systemair you will find all the components you need – with the best quality, thoroughly tested and perfectly attuned to each other. Systematic excellence!

        SAVE Ventilation Principles

        The room ventilation is based on the principles of pressure differences. On these point of view your residential building ventilation technically consist of three zones: exhaust, supply and overflow area.

        This is how your residential ventilation works:
        The air handling unit extracts used indoor air from the kitchen and the bathroom and supplies new fresh outdoor air to the living rooms. Depending on the system, a heat exchanger extracts the heat from waste air first. At the same time, fresh air from outside is taken in and filtered.
        If necessary, the heat exchanger pre-tempers the cool outside air using the waste air. The fresh air then flows through the ducts into the rooms. From there, the supply air flows through openings in the doors (door gap or grille) across the overcurrent area (corridor and floorboards) into the kitchen, bathroom and toilet. This way, the two different types of air don’t mix. The result: an optimum air ratio and a pleasant room climate.

        Read more about the principles of ventilation

        SAVE with heat recovery

        Highly efficient living space ventilation with rotational heat exchanger or counter flow heat exchanger. Read more


        SAVE without heat recovery

        Efficient exhaust ventilation system with manual air flow control or intelligent air flow control.
        Read more. 

        SAVE Touch Control

        All residential air handling units SAVE has been gifted with a SAVE control unit - an intelligent control system with unique touch display and smartphone feel.

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