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        Optimal indoor climate for healthcare

        Healthcare is a challenging environment with usage and activities that vary from day to day. It demands the right products and solutions to create an optimal indoor climate for people.

        Systemair solutions meet strictest requirements in terms of hygiene, accessibility, cleanability and maintenance. We offer, for example, hygiene-certified products and meet the healthcare sector’s sophisticated filtration demands.

        In the medical world, people expect the best air quality (IAQ). Yet, it is an extremely difficult environment that varies from day to day in use and activities. Healthcare buildings tend to be quite complex. Optimal planning and very careful design considerations are necessary to achieve the best possible IAQ for whom this matters the most – you.

        Geniox air handling units are hygienic by design

        Our Geniox range of modular air handling units can be configured in a VDI certified unit using our selection software. In fact, the entire range is hygiene-friendly – you don’t even have to ask for it! Learn more about our #hygienicbydesign approach and VDI.

        Indoor Air Quality

        Systemair products function well in installations used in healthcare. The products are state-of-the-art, reliable, economical, easy to control, and noise-free throughout the control range. They work well together, and when installed in the right combinations you have an energy-efficient installation.

        Energy efficiency

        If you look further at energy efficiency, you can gain a lot by using Systemair control equipment for ventilation and air conditioning systems. In a study conducted in Sweden, the results showed that about 40% of total energy consumption came from ventilation. By working with the correct control equipment, you can save energy while maintaining a good indoor climate.
        Contact Systemair for energy-efficient and reliable ventilation products.

        Hygienic by Design

        Hygiene is an important criterion in any project. Geniox air handling units offer a solution that is #HygienicByDesignTM. Our complete range of modular Geniox air handling units are available as VDI certified.

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