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        Indirect Free Cooling units for Data Centres

        Taking advantage of favourable outside conditions

        Systemair’s Indirect Free Cooling units (25 kW-300 kW) are specially designed for energy-efficient cooling of IT equipment in data centre facilities. Most time of the year the units work with only outdoor air to cool by using a high-efficient air-to-air heat exchanger. When the outdoor temperature rises an adiabatic humidifier will start to help maintain the supply air temperature. The adiabatic humidifier has a water recovery solution to ensure a low WUE and will operate with tap water quality (no need for reverse osmosis).

        If the design outdoor temperature is very high, a plug and play DX package can be integrated inside the unit for further mechanical support.

        Systemair’s Indirect Free Cooling will ensure a low mechanical PUE and minimal OPEX, and also has an optional energy recovery module to obtain a good Energy Re-use Factor and ERE value.

        Get these benefits:

        • Ultra-efficient free cooling with no outside air in the data centre
        • Single stage adiabatic cooling with water recovery
        • Energy-efficient EC fans reduce power consumption
        • Integrated controls and sensors for easy operation
        • Factory-tested
        • Optional Tier 3 ready: ATS and UPS for controls as option
        • Optional energy recovery module as an option
        • Optional modular design for many installation options

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