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        How do you want your solution?

        Systemair’s modular data centre unit GENIOX easily adapts to your data centre specifics. The different layouts and sizes are designed to minimize transportation and installation costs.

        There are several installation alternatives and the units can be installed outdoors or inside the building.

        Regardless if you choose to install the units outdoors or indoors they will always be installed outside your whitespace giving you maximal surface for data equipment.

        Air distribution and containment can be done in different ways to suit your demands on space and energy efficiency; e.g. through raised floor, wall grill, over-head diffuser, hot ails containment, cold air containment, ducted return etc.

        Our units offer you several advantages:

        • Ultra efficient free cooling with no outside air in the data centre
        • Efficient configuration with low internal velocities and pressure drops to ensure lowest pPUE and Safety.
        • Efficient outdoor air humidification with extremely low WUE
        • ERE working mode for lowest TCO
        • Single stage adiabatic cooling with water recovery for low WUE
        • Integrated controls and sensors for easy operation
        • Factory-tested
        • EUROVENT Certified units
        • Worldwide support from Systemair
        • Energy-efficient EC fans for lower power consumption
        • Optional Tier 3 ready: ATS and UPS for controls
        • Optional plug and play DX package
        • Optional energy recovery module

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