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        Save energy – lower running cost!

        Our label Green Ventilation features products with a high energy saving potential. All products labelled with Green ventilation  combine energy economy with energy efficiency. Around the globe our competent and experienced engineers and sales support teams are at your service, so you can trust Systemair being your partner in helping you with comprehensive HVAC solutions and products for a super-efficient data centre in any climatic region.

        Systemair – your partner in Data Centre Cooling

        The data centre industry is growing rapidly and is focusing more and more on efficiency and maximum uptime. With more capacity and higher density there is a need for energy efficient cooling of the IT equipment.

        The most efficient data centres will use products and innovative techniques that can reach PUE value close to 1.0 as well as focus on ERE to recover as much energy as possible in all types of geographies and climate zones.

        With more than 250 engineers and 13 R & D centres around the world Systemair offers a wide range of robust and reliable ventilation and air-conditioning products developed according to latest standards and rigorously tested. That’s why we can guarantee that our products are delivering the correct performance.

        Around the globe our competent and experienced engineers and sales support teams are at your service. You can TRUST Systemair to be your partner in establishing and maintaining comprehensive HVAC solutions and products for a super efficient data centre.

        Free Cooling air handling units

        Taking advantage of favorable outside conditions

        Free cooling is a highly efficient method that uses outdoor air to cool the data centre considerably thus reducing total energy consumption. Considering ASHRAE regulations for IT equipment optimum operating conditions, it is possible to free cool during 97-99% of the time without any mechanical support in most European countries. By allowing supply air temperature to rise even temporarily to 27?C (within ASHRAE recommended temperatures) it is possible to avoid any mechanical support in most of the European countries.

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