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        Data is power… But that shouldn't mean for cooling

        In a typical data center, 38% of total energy consumption goes to cooling, making it a critical factor for data center profitability. Systemair has the innovative technology and expertise you need to create energy-efficient solutions that are equipped for the future.


        More power to your business. Less to cooling.

        If you’re specifying for data centers, there’s an important question you have to ask yourself: where’s the power going? It’s not hard to understand why cooling efficiency is the single biggest opportunity for data center business success.

        Direct Free Cooling units for data centres

        Systemair DV-DFC units are specially designed for data centre facilities for both outdoor and indoor installation. All units are modular and easy to install and maintain. The units are always delivered with controls and every unit is commissioned in our factory to ensure functionality.

        Systemair can help. Here’s how

        In a typical data center, cooling accounts for 38% of total energy consumption. Therefore cooling efficiency is the biggest opportunity for data center business. There are two key ways to reduce energy consumption for cooling:

        • Select solutions that deliver PUE value close to 1.0
        • Use efficient ERE techniques to recover energy (this is possible in every type of climate).

        Systemair has the innovative technology and process expertise to capitalize on the potential of energy efficiency. The result: satisfied customers and profitable data center business. Let′s do some quick calculations.

        Cooling represents the biggest slice of the total cost in a data center. And with more capacity and higher density there is an increased need for energy-efficient cooling of the IT equipment. Around the globe our competent and experienced engineers and sales support teams are at your service.

        You can trust Systemair to be your partner in establishing and maintaining comprehensive HVAC solutions and products for a superefficient data center.

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