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        We’re driving safety and efficiency in car park ventilation

        Parking garages are the often the first and last impression you have of a building. A feeling of safety and good air quality in the garage is important. If the feeling is the opposite it will affect the impression of the entire building. For instance jet fans, equipped with air quality CO/NO sensors, ensures good illumination with little shadow formation as opposed to a network of air ducts.

        We have developed our Green Ventilation Jet Fan System to meet these requirements and more without compromise. Now you can achieve energy savings of up to 80% while ensuring the highest safety standards.

        Green Car Park Ventilation

        Intelligent efficiency…
        The Systemair Green Ventilation Jet Fan System makes it possible to achieve up to 80% energy savings* compared to conventional solutions, thanks to its intelligent control system. Our system monitors and adjusts fan operation to match actual ventilation demands. It evaluates the measurements from CO exhaust gas sensors, as well as from fire and smoke alarms, and controls the jet fans in different zones accordingly.

        …With high performance
        Jet fans provide motion in regions with low air speeds, eliminating dead spots and ensuring that daily ventilation requirements are met for all areas.

        Our systems are designed to give optimal performance as conditions change. That demands precise planning and perfectly controlled interaction of all components. To ensure this, we adjust the control system precisely according to the demands of the building and utilization needs. We are on hand to support and advise you right from the start, and we stay by your side until your system is commissioned.

        What are your ventilation challenges? Contact us for the optimal solution.

        *Comparison of CO mode with rated power of car park extract air fans

        Perfect for the tightest spots

        Space is a valuable commodity in car parks, and conventional duct systems take up a significant percentage. What’s more, they often cross other services such as electrical cables or water pipes – and this complexity is reflected in the investment and installation costs.

        Systemair’s Green Ventilation Jet Fan System replaces the duct system of a car park. Since jet fans are only installed at specific points, they take up less than 0.5% of the ceiling area. This leaves room for other technical installations and improves visibility across parking decks. For new constructions, it is often possible to reduce story height, cutting both costs and project time.

        Which components would make the best use of your space? Check out our range of smart innovations.

        Engineered for you

        Whatever the design of your car park, our experts will work closely with you to ensure a solution tailored to your needs. We provide everything from supply air, extract air and jet fans, to monitoring sensors, the control system and a comprehensive range of accessories.

        Systemair can support you from the design phase, and we can even offer you jet ventilation as a complete package. You will have a single contact for everything, and total confidence that the system will function as it should. And naturally, we observe the requirements of all applicable regulations.

        Your all-inclusive service package from Systemair includes:

        • Conception of the entire system, including CFD analysis
        • Detailed ventilation planning
        • Creation of cable lists and compilation of all components
        • Delivery of components to the building site
        • Commissioning
        • Hot smoke test to accompany the independent acceptance inspection

        What support would make your life easier? Talk to us and discover the value we can offer.


        Ready for anything
        Our Green Ventilation Jet Fan System is an active solution designed to detect problems and take protective action in response. The system can be set up, for example, to reduce CO and smoke concentrations and to maintain visibility for escape and rescue.

        In the case of fire, the aerodynamic forces provided by the jet fans form virtual smoke compartments, according to the protection targets set. This enables you to build large, open car parking areas that would otherwise need to be subdivided by gates or other elements. The need for fire protection walls and sprinkler systems is also eliminated, saving on both outlay and maintenance.

        Which hazards do you need to prepare for? Contact us to discuss your needs.

        Available in any color… as long as it’s green

        High performance ventilation for car parks. Systemair′s Green Ventilation Jet Fan System gives you the ultimate in project flexibility, economy and environmental performance. In Green Ventilation mode, it delivers an 80% energy saving compared to nominal fan power. Investment cost is also dramatically reduced, thanks to the complete elimination of bulky and complex duct systems.

        > Read more about Green Ventilation Jet Fan Systems for Car Parks - Higher safety, more efficiency


        Some of our products in the online catalogue


        Green Ventilation Jet fan for CO control and cold smoke exhaust.


        Systemair Jet fans offer highest system performance at low installation and running costs.

        IV Smart

        IV Smart centrifugal jet fans are equipped with backward curved motor impellers and available with high efficient EC and AC motors.

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