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        Tryton Office, Poland

        Gdańsk, Poland

        In January 2016, the ?ródmie?cie district at Jana z Kolno 11 Street shone with a clear message: "I am from Gdańsk". The investment commenced in November 2013 has gained its character. Tryton Business House started its Baltic history. The entire complex consists of two office buildings (4 and 5 floors) and a 10-storey dominant connected by a low connector that allows you to move around the entire building without going outside.

        Suitable conditions for comfort and fire ventilation in the garage are met thanks to a complete system supplied by Systemair. The jet ventilation system not only cares for an adequate amount of ventilation air, but is also designed, in case of fire, to ensure appropriate evacuation conditions and the safety of rescue teams. Smoke exhaust fans of escape corridors also take care of the safety of users. The sanitary facilities are operated by energy-saving and highly efficient DVC, DVS and TFSR roof fans. The Systemair jet ventilation system includes:

        ? Main DVV smoke exhaust fans (F) to remove smoke outside the building area.
        ? DVG (F) smoke exhaust fans, intended for the smoke exhaust of escape corridors
        ? AJ8 (F) low-profile smoke exhaust jet fans, which not only dilute household pollutants in the garage and pump air from the supply points to the air exhaust, but also support the operation of rescue teams in the event of a fire.
        ? SMOKE-CONTROL-SYS power supply and control boards, which are the heart of the entire system, appropriately controlling the operation of devices, depending on the demand.
        ? The complete system was created based on the CFD Simulation, which allowed to optimize the adopted design solution.

        Heat pumps in the WLHP (EFTYS) system act as heating and air conditioning elements, creating a system for recovering thermal energy, which in conventional systems is not used, but is removed as heat to the atmosphere. These are HVAC solutions that guarantee low annual operating costs and at the same time provide the required thermal comfort to users.

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