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        Loen Skylift

        Some projects bring people to new heights. Loen Skylift – with its mountain station 1011 meters above sea level – is certainly one of the more spectacular projects in the Systemair reference portfolio.

        The new attraction is located in Loen in Nordfjord, in the heart of the Norwegian fjords. In addition to the gondola lift, the facilities include a “Fjordshop” with ticket office, souvenirs and a café, a fjord-side gondola station, a mountain gondola station, a “Sky shop” and mountain restaurant.

        The gondola is one of the worlds steepest. It is pendulum based with two large cable cars - as one goes up, the other one goes down. Each cabin has room for 35 people, and the gondola can transport 350 people per hour. The whole facility is handicap accessible.

        The trip takes 5-7 minutes from the fjord station to the top of Mount Hoven. Here you will find some of the most beautiful mountain scenery Norway has to offer, with fantastic trekking opportunities both on skies and on foot. After a trip in the mountains, you can enjoy a nice dinner in Hoven restaurant, with room for 320 guests. There you can taste your way through the à la carte menu based on local produce. The cliff side location offers spectacular panoramic views of the mountains and fjords.

        Fresh, breathable air is a plentiful resource on top of Mount Hoven. But to ensure a good indoor climate, both thermal and atmospheric, the most cost- and energy efficient solution is balanced, mechanical ventilation. All buildings are consequently equipped with energy efficient air handling units from Systemair.

        • Type: Gondola lift with restaurant and shops
        • Total AHU capasity: 23 200 m3/h

        For more information visit the Loen Skylift webpage

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