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        Grindsted Hospital, Denmark

        Systemair goes on contributing to the healthcare: the renovation of the ventilation system at Grindsted Hospital in Southern Denmark is finished. Geniox air handling units will provide the energy efficient ventilation.

        The history of Grindsted Hospital started in 1903 as a small epidemic clinic with 12 beds. It was continuously expanded until World War II and after it. Today Grindsted Hospital, together with two other clinics, is a part of the joint Southwest Jutland Hospital (Sydvestjysk Sygehus). They have 330 beds totally and provide around 33,000 hospitalizations and 390,000 outpatient treatments per year.
        Renovation of the 50 years old ventilation system
        The former ventilation system in hospital was made in the 1970s and today renovation was extremely needed. The task was to replace the existing ventilation and install nine new air handling units. Considering the fact that the building is ancient and being reconstructed, the limited installation space for the new ventilation equipment was one of the challenges. Four Geniox units with heating coils were placed in a technical room. Three units were placed in the attic and the final two were in separate technical rooms.
        All the air handling units have built-in cooling coils which will be connected at a later stage. In addition, a completely new duct system was installed in the technical rooms along with a new exhaust and intake. Our task also was the energy renovation of the units for operating rooms and the connection of the coils to the exhaust and intake.
        Job well done
        Systemair is proud to be a part of that important project and contribute to the healthcare. We produce innovative ventilation products and we want to contribute to the green initiatives and environment-friendly practices into the design, building and management of the facilities to reduce the overall environmental impact of healthcare facilities, reduce cost of operations, increase efficiency as well as improve patient care.

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